The Truth about Valentine’s Day

Girl holding a heart

Over the past week, I’ve listened intently to people’s comments about Valentine’s Day—a day exciting for some and a painful reminder of singleness for others.

While shopping, I engaged in a conversation with two female clerks about Valentine’s Day, which quickly led to an anxiety-ridden story.

“I’m supposed to get engaged this year. My boyfriend said this was the year. I don’t think he has a ring…it would be so nice if I was engaged by my younger sister’s wedding…in April.”

The other Nordstrom clerk, who I presumed to be in her early thirties, chimed in: “Yeah, I really hope my boyfriend has something special planned…I mean definitely not a ring or anything, but just some flowers or something sweet.” Then added, “We’re both kindof afraid of marriage.”

On Sunday, I overheard a woman tell the nail technician, “I’m not stupid enough to get married.” Some married co-workers said Valentine’s Day is just like any other day—and they wouldn’t want their spouse to give them roses just because some holiday told them to. Some women at the gym were discussing a ‘night on the town’. And my favorite was a woman in her early seventies (who I see every morning at the gym!) told the ladies in the locker room she was making her husband’s favorite dinner for Valentine’s.

Image of children kissingWhatever today has in store for you, whether you find yourself swept up in the arms of someone you can’t live without or you are only reminded that you have not yet been chosen–I want to talk about marriage. After getting married last June, I am now acutely aware at how misguided so many are in regards to what marriage does and does not mean. I want to share a definition of marriage I heard this weekend that may help you see what God designed it for.

“Marriage: a flawed person married to a flawed person in a fallen world. With a faithful God.” –Paul Tripp

The only thing that makes marriage good is simply God. If your “right person” consists of someone who will never disappoint you and who is always in the mood for romance, you will continue searching. If you do get married, then this mindset will cause you to look elsewhere when he/she doesn’t meet your expectations. In regards to marriage, you can choose between sinners and greater sinners. I truly believe marriage is designed to bring us into a deeper understanding of the enormous love Christ displayed for us in His death. As Tim Keller notes, “the reason marriage is so painful, and yet so wonderful is because it is a reflection of the Gospel, which is painful and wonderful at once.”

Last year, I experienced a bit of painful & wonderful on Valentine’s. I was already engaged on February 14th. Michael and I were in the midst of wedding planning. But even with my relationship status and the wonderful man I loved dearly, I cried most of the day. It was one of those days where you cry so much that your face becomes almost unrecognizable. I was dealing with some very intense rejection & pain (unrelated to Michael). I’m sure the last way Michael expected this day to go included me sobbing in pajamas just minutes before we were supposed to leave for our dinner reservation. I remember him saying, “You just do whatever you need to do. We can go to dinner or not—it’s totally up to you.” After several complaints of “I look terrible” and Michael affirming me, I pulled myself together and we showed up an hour late for our reservation. It wasn’t perfect, but it was real. We ate salmon at our favorite restaurant overlooking the Nashville skyline. That’s real marriage—two sinners who can bear one another’s burdens & commit for the long haul no matter what happens. Michael’s love towards me despite how I acted demonstrated the Gospel—because when we were totally undeserving, Christ died for us.

Believe the Gospel today. God has not forgotten you. He knows every intricate detail about you and how you long to be loved. Proverbs says He will give you the desires of your heart. I don’t know if that means a Valentine or not—but I do know you can trust Him with your heart.


He always recalculates, even when we are unfaithful.                                                         He chose you.                                                                                                                       He rescued us, when we were imprisoned and without hope.                                            He has given you a visible body, not to compare to others, but to make Christ visible. Because He is a good Dad.

What are your plans for Valentines? Did this post resonate with you or give you a renewed perspective on love and marriage?


7 thoughts on “The Truth about Valentine’s Day

  1. I love that quote you had in bold. Just today I had a conversation with someone I just met, and when she found out I’ve been married for almost five years, asked “What is that like?” And you know what? I didn’t know how to respond. It has been joyful, yes, with many tender moments…but there have also been many painful ones. So next time someone asks me the same marriage question I will simply respond, “God has shown me he is always faithful!”

  2. I have no idea how I happened upon your blog, but it has been the biggest blessing for me today!!! I just spent the 45 minutes reading your posts. I am an avid fan of blogs of any sort, so by happenstance I landed here. What’s funny is I just realized I graduated from the same high school, same year as your husband. I’m not sure he would remember me. But nonetheless, thank you for writing what the Lord lays on your heart! I love that you speak truth…and of course I know its because you know the ultimate source of all Truth. You most certainly have a gift, and I am passing this site to all my female (well, and male ha) friends!

    • Hi Jami! Michael says he does remember you. What a small world! Thank you for your kind words. You have no idea how much your encouragement means. And I especially appreciate you passing my blog along to your friends. Blessings!

  3. Great post as always! I’m single but living in a town where there are very few people my age so there aren’t happy couples walking around everywhere my age to feel jealous of. This morning I listened to ‘See His Love’ a lot, and am toying with the idea of buying myself some roses as I love them anyway!
    I think your points about marriage being two sinners is so easy to forget- that it will be hard as neither spouse is perfect, and that marriage sanctifies you a lot and that will be painful. Saying that it can be beautiful if both people have grace with one another. That’s what I aspire to- as much as I want to get married I refuse to settle for anyone less than someone living their life for God.

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